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Happy Family

Preparing for Your Appointment



I am an empathetic and compassionate human being. I have been working with parents just like you for more than 20 years. There is not much I haven't seen.  I promise I will not judge you. In fact, I will do all I can to help you feel confident and successful.


I will not judge your marital status or partner. I will not judge your boobs, baby weight, messy bun, or hot flashes. Whether chaotic, messy or overclean, I will not judge your home. I am a professional and my only interest is in seeing your happily breastfeeding (or however you want to be feeding) your baby.


I birthed, breastfed and raised 3 children into adulthood. My first days, weeks, months as a mother were filled with physical pain, overwhelm, tears and chaos, probably much like what you are experiencing. I appreciate the complexity of your experience.


 If you have any questions or problems, do not wait until you are anxious and sweaty. Call or text me at 845-750-4402 and we will find a solution to whatever is happening. 


Please fill out the online Client Intake - Dyad form prior to your appointment. You should receive the intake form in an email when we confirm the appointment. If you have any problems, do not wait until you are anxious and sweaty. Call or text me at 845-750-4402 and we will find a solution for your intake form.

What to Bring


Whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are encouraged to have a support person like your husband, wife, partner, or mother during your visit.

1. Bring your baby or babies 

2. Bring your nipple shield, feeding tube or supplementers, if using them.

3. Bring a bottle of milk if your baby is not breastfeeding well. 

4. Bring your pump, if you are pumping, so we can check your flange sizes.

5. Bring your diaper bag

6. Bring a snack for yourself. 

7. If you are paying at the appointment, bring your payment.


Please feed your baby lightly in the hour prior to the appointment, so we can observe at least one feeding during the appointment.


Telehealth Consultations


You will receive the link for your virtual appointment via the email confirming your appointment. I use the HIPAA compliant Google Meet platform which can be used on any browser. 


You do not need a Gmail account, but if you do have Gmail, Meet is available right in your email app.

For a stress-less session, please do your best to have a camera operator during the consultation. They do not need to be tech savvy. They just need to follow the instructions I give them. If you can't find someone, we will make it work.


If you have any trouble, don't wait until you are anxious and sweaty, text Donna at 845-750-4402.

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