Preparing for Your Appointment

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Please fill out the online paperwork prior to your appointment. You should receive an email from our health record system with the online forms when you schedule the visit. Also be sure to complete the insurance eligibility form. This must be approved prior to the appointment for coverage to apply. Certain insurances accepted and fee for service prices apply to those not covered under insurance.

Directions to Our Office

What to Bring

If you are pregnant, you don't need to bring anything. If you are currently breastfeeding, bring your breast pump and any items your use for feeding (ex: nipple shield). If you are bottle feeding, bring a bottle with pumped milk. We have My Brest Friend Pillows, so you don't need to bring a pillow.

Who to Bring

Contacting Us

You can reach Donna by phone or text at 845-750-4402.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are welcome to bring a support person to your visit. If you have already had your baby (or babies), bring them too! Please do not feed your baby 1 hour prior to the appointment (that way they are hungry and eat during the visit).

Preparing for Virtual Appointments

Make sure you have received the link for your virtual appointment. If you have any trouble accessing, text us at 845-750-4402. If your virtual appointment includes a feeding assessment, please send the requested videos and photos to at least one hour before your appointment.