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Breastmilk Pumping

Breastmilk Pumping Consultation

$150 (if not covered by insurance)

90 minutes


Express yourself!


Learn how to pump or express your breastmilk in a way that fits your lifestyle while producing the most breastmilk. Whether you are pregnant, or you are ready to pump, this consultation is for you.

This is a flexible appointment centered around fitting breastmilk pumping and feeding into your life. You may be thinking of:


  • Pumping and Exclusive Breastmilk Feeding. (EBF)

  • Preparing for a return to work and wondering about NYS Breastfeeding Protection Laws.

  • Unboxing your pump, assembling and using it safely the first time.

  • Buying a new pump and knowing it's pros and cons, before ordering one.

  • Learning how to hand express your milk.

  • Building a personal milk stash for 'Me Time' and emergencies.

We create a personal care plan aligned with your goals. All your questions about expressing and storing breastmilk and breast pumps will be answered.

Breast Milk Pump
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