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Breastfeeding Self Help
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Just like in pregnancy and birth, your body knows what to do. After your placenta is delivered, your breasts start lactating. Most of the time, breastfeeding goes easily with baby latching, milk magically appearing, and early tenderness vanishing after a few days. Your questions resolve with each breastfeeding experience in a happy, easy flow. 

There are many things you don't need to know in order to breastfeed your baby, but if there are things you would like to understand better, you may want to start here.

If your question or problem lingers, or is causing pain, you may wonder, "What do I do now?"


You may be realizing how much there is to know about breastfeeding.


You may be surprised at what your OB/GYN, Pediatrician, or other health care provider says about breastfeeding. You may be wondering if they are the best person to give you information about breastfeeding and lactation. This is because most health care providers, even ones who specialize in helping babies, are not educated about breastfeeding during their training.  Many have never even breastfed a baby.


Every year thousands of published studies change what we know about human breasts, human milk, and how babies feed. If they aren't reading them, they can give you outdated, or even harmful advice that sets you back, or makes your situation worse. 


Most problems, even ones that seem insurmountable to you, are not difficult to overcome when you get the right one-one help to understand how breastfeeding works for you and your baby.

One-on-one help.

In addition to your OB/GYN and Pediatrician, an IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, is a valuable member of your health care team.


Donna Bruschi, IBCLC has the education, training and experience necessary to answer all your questions accurately and help you to resolve any breastfeeding issue. She helps you resolve all kinds breastfeeding problems from birth to weaning.


If you have a question about your newborn, latch, low milk supply, sore nipples, mastitis, plugged ducts, engorgement, jaundice, breasts, breastfeeding, bras, breast pumps, pumping or breastfed babies, You have come to the right place.


For Donna's help with a breastfeeding problem, fill out this request form, even if it's 2 in the morning... 

(especially, if it's 2 in the morning...)

Newborn Baby with Mom
Baby Breastfeeding
Mother and Baby

Hi Donna,

I wanted to tell you that breastfeeding today has gone so much more smoothly. I'm feeling much less stressed about things.


I didn’t have to pump at all today!


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. ❤️


Also, we were able to schedule an appointment with Dr. W for tomorrow (!!) because they had a cancellation.


Thank you for all of your recommendations, it means so much to us to have your guidance to get us on a better path.

S. J.

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