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Many parents plan on breastfeeding without giving it much thought.

They think that because breastfeeding is natural and how human beings have survived forever, that it will just come easily and naturally.

And for a few mothers, that is exactly what happens.

Even if that is you, here are seven ways you can prepare while you are pregnant. They are worth thinking about and accomplishing, and will improve the likelihood of meeting your breastfeeding goals.

Seven Essentials Before Beginning Breastfeeding is about what to know, and how to prepare, for seven aspects of your life that are going to dramatically change after your baby arrives.


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Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Beginning Breastfeeding Prenatal Class

$350 in-home or Telehealth

2 hours + 1 hour 


For many, nothing could be more simpler and more natural than baby crawling up mama's belly and self-attaching. Sadly, many are denied that opportunity and it leads to all kinds of challenges.

​Breastfeeding is a complex skill to master. And yet, this one moment in time is the place we return to over and over again in our breastfeeding relationship.

I asked my clients, "If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? This class is reverse-engineered from thousands of clients who did not have a simple and natural beginning. These steps and actions are what they want you to know, and do! 

Live class includes video, demonstrations, practice activities, and book. A lactation consultation is included after your baby arrives 

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Learn at your own speed.


Full access video breastfeeding class by Dr. Teresa Nesbitt and Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC. 

Regularly $99.   Client's price $87.

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