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At-Breastfeeding & Supplementing

At-Breast Feeding & Supplementing

At-Breast Supplemental Nursing System Feeding Consultation

$150 (if not covered by insurance)

90 minutes

This consultation is for parents using at-breastfeeding with a supplemental nursing system. At-breastfeeding is for any parent (lactating or non-lactating) who wishes to nourish and bond with their baby through breastfeeding. Your situation may include:

  • Slow gaining baby

  • Adoption & Surrogacy

  • Relactation

  • IGT (hypoplasia, low milk production)

  • Transgender parent

  • Post-mastectomy nursing

1. You will be guided through at-breastfeeding your baby, practicing as many times as needed, so you feel comfortable.


2. You will learn how to safely obtain, prepare and store formula, breastmilk and/or donor breastmilk.


3. You will learn best practices for cleaning your supplemental nursing system and feeding supplies, and when sanitizing is necessary, and when it is not.


You will learn:

  • The importance of at-breastfeeding

  • Why and when to use an at-breastfeeder

  • How to wear an at-breastfeeder

  • Cleaning and sanitizing supplemental feeders

  • ​​How much breastmilk and/or formula baby needs

  • Gentle burping techniques

  • Distinguishing between hunger and a need for comforting

  • When and why to use a pacifier​

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