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Bereavement Consultations

"Why are my breasts doing this?"

Waves on the Rocks

I'm sorry you are going through this.

If you want or need my help, I am here to listen, give information, provide resources and comfort for you and your breasts. You have some options and it all depends on what feels best for you right now.


Some women want to move through this time as quickly as possible and put it behind them so they can live more normally. Yes you love your baby. Yes, you are torn apart but you know what's best for you. Let's dry up this milk so you feel more normal.

Some women want to put their loss to use helping others so they collect it and donate it either casually or to the NY Milk Bank for sick and premature babies. If your loss was premature, you have preterm milk and it's just what preterm babies need. And there is a critical shortage of all milk, so express what feels comfortable and find a purpose to your grieving.

And, ff you just don't know what you want, that is OK too. There is no rush here except to provide comfort in your aching breasts and heart.

Whatever your choice, your experience matters. I will treat you kindly and with care. Please request an appointment here:

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