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Bottle or Breastfeeding Refusal

Feeding Refusal Consultation

(Nursing Strike)

$150 (if not covered by insurance)

90 minutes


Every once in a while, your baby might be off their feed. A busy day, a stuffy nose, annoying teething, or some unknown reason can lead to babies skipping a feed, or two. 

But, when a baby doubles down and will not breastfeed. or take a bottle, for 12 hours or longer, that is a nursing strike. While it may seem to you that there is nothing different from any other day, in their opinion, your baby is refusing to feed for a very good reason. 

You may be tempted to wait them out. If you can get them to eat or drink by some other means, then this is a sound strategy. Most babies resume breastfeeding in a day or so, without much fuss.

If it's longer than 24 hours, and you have tried everything you can think of, this is a flexible appointment centered around decoding your baby's behavior and resolving their protesting behavior.


  • Why are they protesting breastfeeding or bottles?

  • What caused it?

  • How can you resolve it?

  • How can you prevent it in the future?

We create a personal care plan and follow up by phone or video until your baby is back to feeding, or breastfeeding, normally. All your questions about nursing and feeding strikes will be answered.

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