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The Breastfeeding Café Goodies:
How to feel confident & really enjoy breastfeeding.

What would it be like to feel confident & really enjoy breastfeeding?

Everyone tells you that breastfeeding is important, but no one tells you how to work through, or better yet, avoid the breastfeeding minefield, so you can really enjoy it.


Until now, that is.

Learn how to create a breastfeeding relationship that improves with time.

Goodie 1: Why we get wrong and confusing information 

Goodie 2: How to get to your breastfeeding goal

Goodie 3: The importance of the mundane and the uninteresting

Goodie 4: Biggest breastfeeding mistakes and how to avoid them

Goodie 5: The difference between your milks and other milks

Goodie 6: The perils of exclusively breastfeeding

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