In your small family, how can you get reliable answers to your complex breastfeeding problems?
(And how on earth do you find answers to these questions at 3:26 in the morning?)

Every Day you have questions.


These questions may involve something to do with breastfeeding, or sleeping, or how to get out of the house. It may even be about how to launch a little company, or how to get a promotion at work.


And the natural response to such a situation is to try and find the answers via the Internet. But often the answers online are unpredictable and Boy! Are they contradictory!?!


What’s worse is that the source of the information can’t always be trusted. You’re never sure who’s giving you this information and what’s being silently sold to you. Plus, as you do fix things in your breastfeeding adventure, there’s often no other trusted source you can turn to, to make sure you really are doing this right, or who will help you celebrate!

It’s a bit like standing outside a Café


It’s cold, it’s raining buckets. And the last bolt of lightning was uncomfortably close for you to jump. You look inside the Café and see a nice warm fire, a group of mamas and babies chatting and laughing, and lots of soothing hot food. 


But outside the Café, you’re on your own, with your baby, who's depending on you for everything.

And when you’re on your own you struggle.

You struggle because you don't know anyone you can to turn to. When you get stuck, you’ve got to work things out yourself. You get more frustrated and can spend days going around in circles.


Within The Breastfeeding Café, you’ll find the warmth of other mothers. (Yes, there is really a forum called The Breastfeeding Café, where we all gather.


In the Café, you’ll find the comforting welcome from other Mamas who are also searching for reliable  information and friends, just like you. You’ll find resources and ideas that will help you feel confident, and progress rapidly. Instead of standing alone in the cold rain, you’ll experience the satisfaction of sitting around a warm fireplace, warming your toes and getting the answers you seek in a safe environment.

So what is The Breastfeeding Café?


The Breastfeeding Café is the membership site of Donna Bruschi, IBCLC —- but, that’s just the technical description. It’s really a place where you learn, make friends and move ahead. And it’s a place that’s safe, friendly and warm.



So what makes The Breastfeeding Café unique?


When you join most parenting forums, the founder/owner almost never shows up. And there are tens of thousands of members and you are never really sure who these people are, where they live or if they even have any children at all!


The uniqueness of The Breastfeeding Café is that Donna is available to help you.Donna’s around 20 or 30 times a day.


And when you ask a question, you will be amazed at the precision and detail in the answer. Sometimes, she’ll write an article, just for you, just to answer your question. That’s what makes The Breastfeeding Café utterly unique.

In The Breastfeeding Café you will find:


    1    Mothers with kind eyes, warm hearts, and irrepressible optimism.

    2    Information that’s specific to your current and future stage of breastfeeding and child raising.

    3    Fun, fun and a source of great inspiration.

    4    First preference to groups, events and classes.

Reason 1: Mothers with kind eyes, warm hearts and irrepressible optimism.


Women were never meant to raise babies alone. We are meant to live in communities with our grannies, mamas, aunties, sisters and friends. The Breastfeeding Café is about being in community, hence we have to have a solid, united group. To be useful in this ever-changing world, the community must have an atmosphere of safety and caring. But the biggest factor that drives this group is that they come together to ‘get things done.’


This isn’t a group that sits around whining and moaning. It’s a group that knows that to live happily, you have to be action-oriented, you have to share information and you have to work together with your buddies.

But how do the members interact?


Since we’re on the Internet, the only real way to interact effectively is through a forum: The Breastfeeding Café.


You’re invited into the Café, to sit around the fireplace, away from the cold winds outside. And it’s in this safe, private place that you can work with other members. Yet forums can be pretty scary places. It’s not uncommon to run into Mean Girls, and Drama-Mamas, and even aggressive behavior in other forums. In The Breastfeeding Café, we work towards the exact opposite. And this is achieved by attracting the right kind of people.

So which are the ‘right kind of people?’


For one, it’s people with the right attitude: kind, helpful and friendly. But there are other devices in place too. We understand that in order to trust someone we have to know who they are, what they do and where they come from. So in The Breastfeeding Café, we have actual photos of the members. No avatars, no animals or superhero pictures are allowed. We need to relate to people one on one.

The second factor is that the community of The Breastfeeding Café is deliberately kept small and intimate. Based on our member’s advice, we accept a few members every month and grow slowly, because we need to get to know each other and work with each other as a community. 

The third factor is that Donna interviews every member in the community. It's not like a job interview where you are sweating, wondering where you stand. It's a friendly chat to find out who you are and what your interests are, so Donna can connect you with a buddy who shares similar interests and has a baby or child,  your baby or child's age.


We are based in NY's Hudson Valley which is where most of our members live and where Donna is a Lactation Consultant in private practice. 


We are made up of people with an optimistic attitude, who are determined to co-create a loving, friendly community and make their experience as a mother, better by doing so.

This is the Café:


The Café is where you can ask dozens of questions and get relevant answers (often within hours, or even minutes of posting). And because there's such a diversity of members, you get various perspectives, links to resources, and angles that you may have not considered when asking your question.


And the members of The Breastfeeding Café are genuinely helpful.


They are the kind that go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They go out of their way to work hard and get results. If you’re sick and tired of places where the only agenda is more self-promotion, then you’ll heave a sigh of relief once you get into The Breastfeeding Café.


And that takes us to Reason No.2

Reason 2: Information that’s specific to your current and future needs.


Let’s face it. We’re drowning in information. And yet we need more information to keep on top of things. Now any membership site will give you a ton of information. What’s different about The Breastfeeding Café is that the information is suited to you—and your project.


So how do we make this specifically apply to you?



So the way it works is like this.


You ask a question. And it gets answered. It gets answered by me (I’m there twenty five times a day—except when I’m on vacation) and others who can give their advice. And you can ask as many as 5000 questions a month—if you choose. That’s a whopping 170 questions a day.


Not that you’ll need to ask it, but that’s how happy we are with your questions. And when you ask the question, the answer is quite surprising.


Unlike a search engine that will just pop back an answer, the answers you get in The Breastfeeding Café are specific. You will be not only be given an opinion, but will also be directed to detailed information within the Café itself. For example, if you wanted to find out how to start feeding your baby solid food, you’ll have a wealth of information. And this is the most important fact of all. If the information doesn’t exist, we’ll create it. And often the answer may be in one or two articles. Sometimes it can be a whole report—created just based on a single question.

Unlike other forums where the forum owner is nowhere to be seen, I’m there from 7 am (NY Time) answering questions through the year (except when I take my vacations—and the vacation dates are announced well in advance). On most days you’ll find me there at 7am, 9am, 12pm, 7pm (People ask me if I ever sleep. The answer is yes, but I am around in the Café a lot). Each question is answered in great detail. And amazing as it may sound, I may even write a series of articles purely based on your questions.


And just in case, you don’t like using a forum, you can use the ‘Ask Donna’ feature, that’s like a hot button right to my inbox.


That’s my activity. 


At an average of 327 posts per month (and that’s including the months when I take a break. And yes, I take breaks. It’s why I started up the forum. But if you look at the activity in the forum, you’ll be hard pressed to figure out when I’m gone, because everyone does rally around throughout the year).


And this is because we want to advance as a group.

We know that the smarter our group gets, the faster we’ll move ahead. And so it’s our common interest to help each other, encourage each other and support each other to be healthy. After being slightly reluctant for a while, you’ll find that Café, the Taking Action forum and other forums are just what you need to really give yourself permission to take care of yourself.


So if you ask just a few questions or 4779 questions, your question will be promptly answered in great detail and with great courtesy.


Which takes us to Reason 3.

Reason 3: Fun, fun and a source of great inspiration.


We start a family so that we can have more fun in our lives. Then our family drives us nuts. We need our own place to have fun, to be inspired and to unwind. We need a place where we can relax and talk about things that scare us, bug us, or even share a joke or two. A


And yes we need inspiration. In The Breastfeeding Café, the focus is not just on breastfeeding. It's on getting things done. Whether it's cleaning the house, finishing a scrap book, running a marathon, or just keeping that nasty self criticism at bay, when we see how others, just like us, achieve their goals we’re driven to do the same. 

Reason 4: First preference to events and courses


This may sound like internet hype, but Donna Bruschi, IBCLC courses and workshops are extremely highly prized. There was a time when most of our courses (e.g. Beginning Breastfeeding) would take about 4 weeks or more to fill up. Those were the old days. Most of the courses now fill up in under 24 hours. Some courses fill up in under an hour. It sounds like madness, and it is. But the reason why these courses fill up so very quickly is because of the dedicated training that goes into it.

The Internet can be a scary place with all that crappy “I just lost a gazillion pounds and got 459,346 hearts on my Insta” rubbish. 


The Breastfeeding Café shows you what’s real and achievable and helps you get there.


And of course you get inspiration from the way we run things. How I nursed 3 kids including twins for a total of 12 3/4 years. And how we’ve traveled on dozens of family vacations. Without any hoopla. The focus is on YOUR goals and YOUR dreams and you’ll get a template for what can be achieved with an idea, some hard work and a ton of fun.


And finally, Reason 4

As a The Breastfeeding Café member you get first preference to these courses and workshops. Some are free, some are paid. But there’s always a massive rush to the door and that’s why it pays to be a The Breastfeeding Café member. This is also why you almost never see the huge hype that you see with most online 'gurus’. There’s nothing to hype here. We understand what needs to be done and we get down to it.


And of course you get goodies that others don’t see. Courses that others don’t hear of at all. It all happens in The Breastfeeding Café. And it happens all the time.


The Breastfeeding Café is an online community where you can make friends, ask questions, learn what's normal, and get support while breastfeeding your baby and children.


There are no plans available.