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Your picture-perfect vision of breastfeeding your baby has disintegrated into days or weeks of tears and frustration.

  •  You wonder if you're making enough milk. You may have been told to supplement, or even quit.

  • You may be pumping, using nipple shields and/or feeding formula.

  • You may be cringing when you're nursing your baby --​​ Your nipples and/or breasts are sore!

  • Your baby may be fussing and crying and/or falling asleep while feeding.

  • Or, you may have a situation, like tongue tie, plugged ducts, low pumping volume, or just... so many QUESTIONS!

You definitely feel overwhelmed. This is the hardest thing you've ever done.

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Even more frustrating, is that you have been trying, and it's still not working.

You have searched online, and asked your doctors, friends and family for information, advice and support.


You may have gotten help from other lactation consultants, and/or connected with a support group.  


You've been trying to resolve it on your own, with all the information you can gather.  But now, you have conflicting answers on what you should do, and that is making it worse.

You are not alone in your overwhelm.

In our culture, breastfeeding is not commonplace. Learning how to nurse has been reduced to "getting the latch right," "watching the clock," and "producing enough milk" 


Actually, breastfeeding is an intimate relationship between you and your baby, even when you aren't feeding at the breast.


Nursing is intuitive and natural, and it can be hard to figure out. Overwhelming emotions like desire, joy, sadness, and frustration get all mixed up with positioning, timing, history, and hormones.


It can be messy and difficult, especially in the first few weeks.


  • When feeding your baby hurts;

  • When you are unsure, anxious or frustrated;

  • When your baby is unhappy, or not thriving;

There are things between you and your baby that can be looked at, figured out, and adjusted.

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What seems like really science.


There is a lot of research about breastfeeding and human milk. I study it -- and use it to help clients.


For example: We know that learning breastfeeding is a process, driven by innate reflexes, that drive a baby's actions as they learn breastfeeding, and actually, all developmental skills.
When you understand how these innate reflexes support you and your baby learning breastfeeding, then you and your baby work together. Pain disappears and milk production improves, whether you have too much, or too little. Breastfeeding feels intuitive, natural, and most of all, comfortable.

More importantly, you will feel connected and confident, and your baby will be happy and content, more of the time.


Most importantly...when you understand innate reflexes, you feel confident nurturing your baby, no matter how you feed them your milk.

If you would like my expertise and caring in your experience, I am here to guide you.


It doesn't matter if you think your situation is hopeless, or too far gone. We will figure this out together and get your dreams back on track.

Breastfeeding, chestfeeding, human milk feeding, exclusive breast milk feeding, bottle feeding, exclusively pumping, and combo feeding -- ALL feeding options are available. You will be confident your baby is eating enough.

Please let me know your pronouns, goals, and dreams. I respect who you are and how you live your life. For more than 20 years, I’ve been providing guidance, support and resources for parents just like you.


Together, we will uncover the causes of your current challenges. And, together, we will develop a sustainable breastfeeding plan that improves your well-being.

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Next Steps:


I am in-network with Aetna: six visits, with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Go ahead to Step 2, Request an Appointment.


For other plans, click the button below to check for pre-approval of six visits with no out-of -pocket cost to you. 

If denied, visits can be paid up-front and submitted for insurance reimbursement.


I offer lactation consultations 7 days a week. In-home, office and telehealth.


Initial consultations are 90 minutes. Followup appointments between 15-90 minutes.

You can let me know your situation and your availability on the linked HIPAA compliant secure form.


Use your credit, debit, FSA or HSA for payment.


In-Home: $300

Office (New Paltz): $200 

Telehealth: $150


$30 per 15 mins for:

  • Quick Questions: 15 minutes

  • Followup Appointments:  15 - 90 mins


$50 travel fee if your home is more than 31 minutes from my office.


Please send me an email with questions, or if you need more information about your particular situation, you can also call me at 845-750-4402.

Expect to hear back within 2 hours, usually sooner.  I will not abuse your email, or spam you. :-)




“Thank you so much, Donna! 

I wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your help with my breastfeeding journey. Little Miss is almost a year old now, which is unbelievable, and she’s a nursing pro.

I finally feel very comfortable where we are with breastfeeding and my supply came back, after that awful doctor gave me those meds that affected my supply. My partner and I were just talking about all of the hurdles that we’ve overcome with breastfeeding, and honestly, that really helped me, too.

If it weren’t for you, I can honestly say that I probably would’ve quit several months ago. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!”

Sarah Oles

Donna was an incredible resource for me at a time when I felt vulnerable and discouraged.

My son hadn't gained his birth weight back by his three week check up so our pediatrician nonchalantly told me to supplement with formula. I was determined to solely breastfeed so I reached out to Donna. I immediately felt comfortable in the safe & nonjudgmental space she had created. My consultation with her was both reassuring, therapeutic and very practical.

I am forever grateful to Donna for connecting with me during this time of growth and transformation. I would highly recommend her as a lactation consultant to mothers who are in need of some extra TLC and a vote of confidence.

Amy M.




This week's newsletter was pitch perfect.


Somehow you know just what to say at just the right time.  We've been discussing how and when we want to start to transition our daughter to her own room.


 I feel like I've read every book and listened to every advice out there, but yours rings truest and we've been taking it day by day (or night by night). It's nice to have your thoughts reinforced, with "Hey, you've got the idea"! 


Thanks so much! 

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“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe
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